Zurich Solomon

Director of Outreach


Zurich Solomon is an:

Entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in Business Development for underserved communities. Zurich has a diverse background in entertainment in film, television, Music, writing, and acting. He is also passionate about working with local community and international communities to find solutions to current challenges. He has worked with several countries to improve growth in Technology, Marketing, Sales, Branding, Commodities, and Hospitality to meet supply in Demand.

Zurich grew up a military “Brat” in the Air Force and has traveled the world as a child with his siblings, after finishing school at York University/UT, Zurich had 4 attempts to play Professional Football but could not over come a knee injury, Zurich enjoys working out, playing tennis, and teaching students the sweet science of boxing and Health and wellness. “I believe everyone has a story, a gift and passion to live the way you dream it”