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Dave Repchuk, CTO

Dave Repchuk, was a former Computer Associates Vice President of Product Development for 20 years before joining InnerSurf International in 1992.

With InnerSurf he was in charge and created extensive software product lines that were distributed around the world, integrated mobile solutions with accounting in 2000, and was in charge of the entire programming division which developed massive systems for banks, governments, lottery corporation, fortune 100, 500, all the way to small businesses.

In 1994 efforts turned to website technology such as remote hand held solutions, and the development of Electronic Data Interchange software solutions linked to Walmart, JC Penney, Home Depot and every retail based company.

Today he oversees the technology division for web development, SEO, social media, mobile marketing, mobile website, and management of our staff.

In addition, he is also the liaison for client interaction for Prestige Web Performance, the elite web division of InnerSurf International and American Online Business Catalysts – the Asian division, ensuring that all communications are done effectively between staff to guarantee the success of the project.